Empower families, like Gaba’s, this Christmas.

As we reflect on this year, we celebrate all the ways God has provided.

“We waited for you to come… after joining Seed Effect, the light of God shined upon my family and now I can provide for my children.”

—Unity, Seed Effect Group

These are the words of the members of Unity Group in Rhino Camp glorifying our God who brings hope and restoration. They remind me how critical our expansion efforts are to reach the families still waiting for us to come.

We recently celebrated the culmination of a rapid and fruitful expansion – three new branches in 18 months, almost doubling our reach and achieving our goal of serving in all seven refugee settlements in northern Uganda!

Thanks to your generous support, our program investment has increased by an average of 40% per year. Together, we have served over 80,000 Seed Effect members who care for over 400,000 children. It’s an incredible accomplishment and we are so grateful for your partnership!

“I am praying Seed Effect expands so that others will realize the same impact I have seen in my life.”

-Suzan, Seed Effect Member & South Sudanese Refugee

And yet, even amidst celebration, the communities we serve are facing increasing challenges including drastic food ration cuts in the settlements and rising inflation. Economic hardship increases demand for our work, and there are thousands more waiting for Seed Effect to come.

Our original plans for 2023 included expanding back into South Sudan and being positioned financially to grow rapidly in Uganda in 2024. However, we are anticipating a need to scale back growth projections unless we can raise the funds needed to responsibly grow more aggressively.

Our year-end goal is to raise $300,000 to empower over 3,300 families. Every $90 empowers one new member and every $2,250 empowers a group of 25. Our team is ready to bring the hope of Jesus and economic empowerment to these new families.

Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us to empower these new members to know Jesus and provide for their families with dignity? You can donate today at seedeffect.org/2023 or by returning the enclosed envelope by December 31st.

God is using your continued partnership to bring hope and opportunity to these hard places, and we are so thankful.

This Christmas, give a box that changes lives.

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