Peter Lokang

“When I started these savings groups, I was in a position to share Jesus with them and teach our members and I made many friends in the community.”

Peter has worked for Seed Effect since he finished his certificate in college in 2013. 

In 2017 he worked as a senior field officer and was recently promoted to Data Manager.

“I’ve loved working at Seed Effect because it is a Christian-based organization. If I were to leave Seed Effect, there are a lot of things I would miss. One is Bible Study and also discipleship would not be there.  I love to be with Seed Effect because of the spiritual aspect.

Seed Effect has contributed many things to my family. In addition to the spiritual aspect, I can send Valma, my 3-year-old daughter, to nursery school because of this job. I am also fortunate to be able to send some of my brothers to school who would otherwise not be able to attend as we are all orphans. Finally, I would be living in the refugee camp if it were not for Seed Effect as I couldn’t afford rent.”


Peter says that in Adjumani, Seed Effect is very important as it is one of the few organizations that deals with the spiritual aspect.

It gives discipleship to the members and provides counseling when necessary. It also empowers them financially!

Some of the first groups just graduated and have shared out their savings and profit. There are two members in particular with amazing success stories. Melenia Kenyi from “God is Willing” savings group and Anzoaa Grace of “Victory” savings groups both paid their school fees for their children for the entire year – the whole year! This can be extremely challenging to pay all at once. This is such a great achievement and next year Peter says he knows they’ll see an even greater impact as they continue to save and increase their share value. Then they will be able to pay for even more on their own.

“I have loved working as a field officer in Paginyira refugee settlement. When I started these savings groups, I was in a position to share Jesus with them and teach our members and I made many friends in the community. Right now, as they are about to graduate, the groups that I started say that I need to be there as the chief guest at their graduation.  They say that without me they could not have done it. I love it!”

One of Peter’s favorite stories is about Kyari James, a member of God’s Mercy savings group. 

“When I shared the Gospel with his group, he gave his life to Christ. He is a really hard worker and he ended up replacing me as a Field Officer when I became the Data Manager. He was a part of a savings group and is now on our staff starting new groups!

The fruit of what we are doing at Seed Effect is seen by many people in community. Even the community leaders in the refugee settlement talk about the impact!”

At a recent community coordination meeting, the group discussed that there are many organizations supported by the UN that give away money and the community doesn’t see the impact from those. But our members, and the community members and leaders were saying that what Seed Effect is doing is great.

“What I’ve learned from this work – what God has taught me – is to be patient in everything.”

Peter has been able to help the other members with this same lesson.

“When we started Seed Effect here in Uganda, many were expecting free money or a hand out, but then we encouraged them to be patient and work hard at it and now they are saving and see that it is so good for them.

Did you know?

Our groups that have been operating at least six month report an average return on savings of 21%!

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