“I’m 25 years old but still in primary school.

I’m determined to study hard and to become somebody.”

At 25, Abraham left Sudan for a better future. 

“I left my parents and came with my younger sister here to the refugee settlements. I’m 25 years old but still in primary school. I’m determined to study hard and to become somebody.”

To pay for school fees, Abraham eats only one meal a day.

And because their parents are still in South Sudan, Abraham pays school fees for his younger sister too.

“The UN gives us monthly food rations. I eat once in a day and sell the rest of my rations. With the profit, I buy items to sell in the market to generate more income and save the rest for school fees.”

(Abraham’s sister and her friends outside the tukel (home) that Abraham built by himself when first coming to Uganda.)

Abraham then takes some of the profit, and puts it into savings through his Seed Effect Savings & Loan Group.

“This group is important for my future life. If I contribute to the savings group then in the future I can pay for my studies.”

He also uses the profit to buy items to sell in the market, generating more profit, to buy more shares!

Abraham is a member of ‘Struggle’ Seed Effect Savings & Loan group. A group that has over 12 different tribes represented and members of all ages.

“The youth of South Sudan should study and come together to build peace and focus on attaining skills to develop South Sudan for when we return home. A lot of youth are doing drugs and drinking at discos, but if they can get involved in a savings group, it can change everything.”

Update: Abraham has had five additional siblings join him in the refugee camp. 

Abraham shared with us that his sister has been able to continue in her education and is now in Primary 4; however, with the additional family members he is not able to cater for all school fees. Abraham is in Primary 7, but due to limited funds has had to pursue adult education, which is free.

Because Abraham is dedicated to his future and providing for his family, he still sells rations of his meals in order to make ends meet.

Although there are some additional challenges that Abraham is facing, he shared that being in a Savings Group has taught him about forgiveness. 

“In the group I have learned about creating and maintaining good relationships, peaceful living and trust among members.”

Abraham’s group is still in their first cycle, but he already plans to continue on to the next savings and loan cycle!

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