Alice Bidiana

“If it weren’t for Jesus, I would never have reached here.”

Alice was a child growing up in Uganda when the first South Sudanese refugees fled to her country from the violence in their own. Without enough money for school fees, she pretended to be a refugee, hoping to receive free schooling at the refugee camp. When that didn’t work, she dropped out of school altogether, helping her mother brew and sell alcohol to the refugees. A few years later, Alice married one of those very refugees with whom she then moved to Nimule, South Sudan, where they had two children. Though her husband was Muslim, Alice found herself drawn to the Christians in her village. One day, she attended a prayer service, where she claims a demon came out of her. After that, she professed faith in Christ. Her

husband, however, would not have it. “He said to either chose him or Christ,” says Alice.

“I wouldn’t let him stop me from worshipping my God.”

Unable to resolve their differences, the two divorced. Now on her own, Alice began selling basic cooking supplies, like oil and eggs. With the profit she made after investing her first Seed Effect loan, Alice was able to send her daughter to school in Uganda. And with subsequent loans, she’s traveled to Dubai, Khartoum, and Uganda to purchase additional stock and supplies.

“If it weren’t for Jesus, I would never have reached here.”

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