Lillian Munduru

“Seed Effect has a program of following clients with the word of God. They don’t just give a loan, but they teach us the word of God, and it encourages us so much. It refreshes one’s faith and it empowers us.”

School Teacher by Day, Entrepreneur by Night

For many years, Lillian Munduru worked as a teacher in Kajo Keji. She used her small income to support not only her husband and daughter, but her extended family as well. Though she worked hard, teaching rarely provided enough money to care for them all. That’s when Lillian decided to take some of her income, walk to Uganda, and buy beans to sell in South Sudan. By selling the beans, she was able to make some additional income and expand her business to include other kinds of produce. When she recognized an unmet need in the market and began to make and sell liquid soap, Lillian’s business began to boom.

Empowered with a Seed Effect microloan and training, she is now able to make her dream a reality, buy the ingredients she need to make liquid soap, and earn enough money to support her family. When asked how to describe herself, Lillian says she is, “a brilliant lady!” She says spending quiet time with God and seeing peace among the members of her family and her nation brings her joy.

Meeting a South Sudan Entrepreneur

Marcy Cook, an artist and entrepreneur, was one of the twelve American that traveled with Seed Effect to South Sudan in August 2015. On that trip, she connected deeply with a fellow entrepreneur and she shares, “When I met Lillian there was a shift – a shift in my perspective as a woman, a leader in my community, and a steward of the things I’ve been given…  There was a fire in her eyes, a passion, and a clarity, a brilliance that cannot be denied. Lillian is a school teacher by day and runs a successful business on the side. She has a 5-year-old daughter, Janet, in boarding school in Kampala. And a husband named Edward at University in Juba. She is paying the tuition for both. I wish you could meet this woman. I wish you could sit down next to her and hear her story, see the passion she has for building her nation, her deep love for God, her devotion and discipline in caring for her family. I wish you could hold her hands in yours and see her smile. I count it an incredible honor to call her my friend.”

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