Mary Peter Luwe

“I will never forget the things that Seed Effect has done in my life. Through this savings program, I have been empowered to pay school fees for my children.”

Mary is a South Sudanese refugee. She’s rebuilding her life and caring for 10 children in a refugee settlement in northern Uganda. 

When she arrived, she received a 30x30 meter plot of land, a tarp to build a shelter, and access to meager monthly food rations – barely enough to provide one meal a day for her family.

Mary knew that to pay school fees and feed them properly, she’d need more than what the UN handouts could provide.


“Pastor Martin encouraged me not to suffer alone with the children. He welcomed us. Through the church, I joined the Seed Effect savings group called Hope and was completely comforted.  All of us in the savings group have decided to ignore the hardship we’ve faced and focus on the good things God is doing for us. When we come together, we share, have fun, and forget our sorrows. The collection of the small savings is also so helpful. My group strengthens me.

Mary’s group meets weekly at their church with their Seed Effect trainer, Peter, to study God’s word and pool their savings.

As this pool of savings grows, they can provide small loans to each other. These loans are often invested in businesses, used to pay school fees, or to provide for other necessities.

At the end of the cycle (9-12 months), their savings and the interest earned is distributed to the members based upon the amount contributed. Our 2017 Seed Effect Savings & Loan Groups reported an average return on savings of 21%.

Mary says,

I will never forget the things that Seed Effect has done in my life. The teachings from Peter, our Field Officer, have helped me to take a little and see it multiply. God has given me business ideas—I know He is ministering to me. Through this savings program I have been empowered to pay school fees for my children. Now, despite all the challenges, I feel good. I am so thankful for what God has done for me.


We met back up with Mary after she completed her first savings and loan cycle. 


“My Seed Effect Savings & Loan Group strengthens me through Bible sharing and the opportunity to save money weekly. I have used my loans to grow my business, repair my hut, and pay school fees. My income is now fairly steady.


My favorite activity in our group is when we share our problems to one another and encourage each other in the Word of God. My heart has been strengthened from the Bible studies in the group. Knowing Jesus more deeply has given me hope for my life. I have learned to pray for challenges that come my way. I can feel God’s love for me.

I will definitely continue saving in the next cycle.”

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Sends a mom like Mary,
through our Savings & Loan program.

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