Osa Agnes

“Before I joined the Seed Effect savings group, life was difficult. But now I have hope.”
I am a widow and a mom to 7 children, but 1 of my children passed away. We had to leave South Sudan because of the war.

Back at home we ran a hotel and business was good. But because of the war, I lost that business. We lived near the barracks and during the fighting they were shooting at our home. We fled and ran on foot. It took us two days just to get to Nimule and I had no plan. I just ran. Even now, there’s no one left there.

When we arrived here in Uganda, they gave us a plot of land, a tarp, and small food rations. I built these 2 small tukuls with mud and grass from the bush. To earn money, I go to the bush to look for firewood to sell in the market. I make 2000 UGX per day when I go to sell it. But now I’m dreaming of starting a hotel again because in that kind of work I can find rest. Gathering firewood can be so tedious. Life here in the refugee settlements is hard because we have to pay school fees for the children and when the food is finished, it’s so difficult to get more. I used to wake each morning and wonder where I’ll get food and money for the school fees.

Before I joined God’s Mercy Seed Effect savings group, life was difficult. But now I have hope. I am loved by my group. I have friends who assist me. When a problem comes to me, I find help in the group. When we come together, we share the word of God. Being in a savings group makes me forget the sorrows.

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