Rose Lagua

“In everything God is my protection. He guides me. He showed me that He is a healer… I saw the power of God upon my life.”

When Rose Lagua began selling onions, cabbages, and silverfish several years ago at Wudu Market, the largest open market in Kajo Keji, South Sudan, she hoped to use the income she earned to pay school tuition for her four children. She invested in her business, but the little money she made was never enough to send her children to school. That’s when she approached Seed Effect.

With the loans she received, Rose was able to travel to Kampala, Uganda, to purchase additional goods to sell at the market. Now, all four of her children attend school, and Rose has money leftover to purchase medicine for herself (like many South Sudanese, she suffers from typhoid fever). The ability to provide for her family brings her great joy, she says. “Seed Effect is changing my life.”

Because of Jesus and the impact that Seed Effect has made in her life, Rose has become a light in the darkness.

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