Seed Effect’s COVID-19 Response Projects.

Seeds + Soap-Making

Prepared for Crisis


Seed Effect’s program is designed to help our members prepare for crisis, which is an all too common reality for families who find their homes in the hard places. 

As lockdown restrictions were put in effect to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, economic instability and food insecurity increased. But, thanks to your generosity and support of Seed Effect’s Response Projects, we were able to come alongside with empowering relief by distributing seeds to all groups and soap-making materials to all groups that had been previously trained.

Stories of Impact:

Anguya Scovia

is the treasurer of ALEBAZIRA (meaning “We LovePeople”) Seed Effect Group in Moyo. There are 30 members in thegroup and they received chemicals for making 600 liters of soap.

After they made the liquid soap, the group members entrusted Scovia to be in charge of storage and selling. They sold the liquid soap to the community in the markets and some customers even came to buy the liquid soap at her home. They packed it into small containers to sell it at affordable price. The bottle she is holding costs 1,000 UGX.

Amadrio Agustino

is a member of Lecho Seed Effect group (meaning “We Love Change”) in Moyo. Her group received seeds. Amadrio planted the seeds she received and now she is harvesting for both feeding her family and for business.


In Imvepi, Jerepi “Mixed” Seed Effect Group (both refugees and Ugandans) chose a different approach. To help the group members who didn’t know how to plant and manage vegetables seeds, they prepared a nursery bed and distributed seedlings to individual group members.

Ebenezar Seed Effect Group

also received chemicals for making 600 liters of soap and jerrycans for packaging. They made the soap and appointed Mary Aciparu as the marketing officer to sell the soap for the group.

Mary said, “We have 3 locations for display in Yumbe town and pack the liquid soap into 20 liters at cost of 40,000 UGX, 10 liters at cost of 20,000 UGX, 5 liters at cost of 10,000 UGX, 3 liters at 5,000 UGX, 1 liter at 3,000UGX and half liter at 1,000 UGX.  By packaging in different quantities it becomes more affordable for all levels of consumers. NGOs buy liquid soap in 20 liters and above. Our dream is to continue with this business. So we are selling and saving the money to buy more chemicals for ourselves.”

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