The third and final branch of Seed Effect’s Expansion Project in partnership with Excellence in Giving’s Kingdom Giving Fund launched with its first groups forming in January of 2023!

Read below for more details about the final branch launch of this project!

In 2021 Seed Effect received a grant from Excellence in Giving’s Kingdom Giving Fund to help launch three new branches in the three remaining major refugee settlements (seven in total) in northern Uganda over the course of the next two years.

In Q1 2022, we launched the Rhino Branch and in Q3 2022, we launched Lamwo Branch! And now, on track with our timeline, we have launched the Kiryandongo Branch in Q1 of 2023. 

Access to Christ-centered economic empowerment is now more important for refugees than ever before. As economic conditions worsen, the demand for Seed Effect’s program continues to dramatically increase. 

Salam Savings and Loan Group in Kiryandongo – Seed Effect’s most recent launch, officially placing operations in all seven major refugee settlements and neighboring host communities in northern Uganda!

Seed Effect successfully launched our latest branch in Lamwo district in January of 2023. 

To date, Kiryandongo is 911 new Seed Effect members across 35 groups!

The groups are already proving to be a blessing to the refugees and community as the members learn the foundation of financial security and are brought closer together through the transformative grace of Jesus.

Stay tuned for member stories, staff testimonials, and branch updates as groups continue to meet as well as form!

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Together we can bring hope and opportunity to the hard places and empower more refugees and those living in material poverty to know Jesus and provide for their families with dignity.

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